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Seed's Journey Home is the story of a seed that tumbles down a mountain. There are 7 chapters, told as separate stories. Seed encounters a locked gate in each chapter. She must learn the lessons and face the challenges at each gate before the gates open, allowing her to continue on her journey home. All of the characters in each chapter are yoga postures. At the end of each chapter, Seed teaches these postures to the reader. Follow Seed on her Journey Home, learn yoga as you do, and you too will grow strong, just as Seed does!


Meet the Author

Tania Tipene, Author of Seed’s Journey Home

Tania Tipene, Author of Seed’s Journey Home

Hi! My name is Tania and I am the author of Seed’s Journey Home. I am from New Zealand of Maori descent. I live in South Carolina and am the owner and operator of Nurture Wellness Now, teaching yoga, meditation, and holistic wellness. My original vision for writing this story was as a means of teaching yoga and meditation to children as simply as possible. I have built a teaching curriculum around the story that encompasses yoga basics and simple meditation techniques. as well as introducing the concept of learning to navigate ‘life’ with a sense of WONDER. (I believe children learn through the lense of wonder).

Seed’s Journey Home is pure in its simplicity and naivety, whilst transmitting a powerful message.


Maori Roots

I have had Seeds Journey Home translated into Maori because I believe the lyricism and poetry of my native language enhances the story. Currently we have Red Gate available in Maori for New Zealand residents. Please contact us to order a copy.


For Parents and Teachers


‘Seed’s Journey Home’ is a comprehensive teaching tool for all ages. At its most basic level, it is a simple story. Beyond the story’s simplicity are Life lessons that are embedded in each delightful tale. The gorgeous illustrations enhance the story for both the reader and listener.

  • The characters in the story are yoga postures. At the end of each book, (Seed’s Journey Home is a series of 7 books) The yoga postures are introduced, and the basics of each pose is explained both in words, and pictures.

  • The explanation of each posture describes the basic PHYSICAL aspects, as well as the underlying FEELING that each posture generates.

  • Each book contains a challenge and a lesson learned, in the guise of the question and answer dialogue between Seed and each Gate at the end of each story.

  • For Teachers (and Parents who wish to teach their children), each book is supported by a workbook and teaching aids, that explore the story beyond its simple storyline.

  • Seed’s Journey Home is a multi age group story. 3 year olds+ appreciate the pictorial story. Older age groups are able to learn to/and comprehend the Challenges and Lessons embedded in each story and extend their learning beyond the storyline with the workbook and teaching aids.


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